Command Modern Operations : Baghdad Bash

Command Modern Operations : Baghdad Bash

It’s the 4th day of the Iraq War. January 20th, 1991. Saddam Hussein is in possession of one of the largest and, on paper, most dangerous militaries in the world. Opposing them is the Coalition air force and ground forces that are at peak shape after the Cold War and itching to beat the shit out of an opponent that is the Not Soviets.

We have 24 hours to knock out the Chemical Production Facilities at Al Taqaddum and to destroy hardened facilities at H2/H3 Air Bases.

What the hell is this?
This is Command Modern Operations. A military grade simulation of naval, sub surface, and air combat. Previously known as Command Modern Air and Naval Operations, someone in marketing was sacked and they renamed it Command Modern Operations. Used by such people as the United States Marine Corps, Brute Krulak Center, Northrop-Grumman, and some flunky nerds in the Chinese military.

Who are you two?
I’m Yooper. My partner is Alikchi. You may know me from such escapades as Strike Command. Alikchi is currently embroiled in a match against Pharnakes over dominance in the Pacific, 1941.

How does this work?
A gentleman named Musurca came up with a PVP PBEM framework for CMO called IKE. Except instead of us being adversaries, we’re playing the scenario with a common goal. Alikchi is in command of the US Navy, I have the bulk of the US Air Force. Each of us has three rounds in each turn. At the start of each round we can adjust orders, but then we have to watch the missions unfold until the following round. If we make a mistake, we have to chalk it up to the fog of war and watch everything go to shit. Each of our turns is about 30 minutes long. This simulates high command better and prevents micro-managing in an unrealistic way.

I don’t get to see what happens during Alikchi’s turn, but I do get a summary of what bad things happened. So my units have to be given broad enough orders to survive until I can unfuck them later.

Are you going to drink and live stream it?

No! I moved to a new house on the edge of a National Forest and my internet is glacially slow. But Elon Musk is sending me some Starlink later this year and then maybe we’ll live stream it. Until then you’ll get annotated Screen Shot Let’s Plays, Old School.

Alikchi may, if he chooses, post here. If not then we’ll treat this as two distinct command organizations. He and I will coordinate via Discord, but both of us are equal in the scenario so I need his F-14 CAP as much as he needs my SEAD/DEAD.

If you don’t know what any of that shit means it’s ok. Just ask! CMO is the land of acronyms. There is a lot of very esoteric information that is incredibly crucial and not something most of us know anything about.

Do we do missions and shit?

Yes. Kind of. There will be some community involvement but it won’t be as detailed as Strike Command was.

So we’ll get two rounds of this. The first is my initial orders, then I pass the file to Alikchi, then he passes it back to me and I get my normal rounds. For now this’ll just get the fuelers up and my AEW.

Tabuk (King Faisal Air Base) consists of the 27th and 71st Tactical fighter squadron. F-15C! Our loadout is AIM-7M Sparrows. These kind of suck, but it’s what we got.

Jeddah (King Abdul Aziz Airport)is the 1705th Air Refueling with KC-135E’s and the 1202nd with KC-10A’s.

Taif (King Fahd Air Base) is a hopping place. First is 4 EF-111A’s from the 42nd Electronic Combat Squadron. These guys are rocking some offensive OECM. Next is 24(!) F-111F Aardvarks packing with GBU-12’s (hardened targets) and GBU-10’s (unhardened targets). These things are low terrain hugging bombers with as much bomb load as two B-17’s.

Riyadh Air Base has a mixed bag of support aircraft. E-3B Sentry, E-3A Sentry, E-8A Joint Stars (side scanning radar), KC-135E Tankers, and a pair of EC-130H with OECM.

Al Kharj (Prince Sultan Air Base) is another F-15C air base with a dozen Eagles from the 58th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

Dharan Air Base has some Tornado’s. 10 of the ADV’s (AA loadouts) and 6 of the GR.1A’s sporting both cluster bombs and the excellent ALARM’s. The two aircraft with ALARM’s can launch 3 each for a very hefty anti-radar strike package. But best of all, these things have huge gas tanks and a strike radius of 1025 nautical miles.

Sheik Isa Air Base is Wild Weasels! 13 F-4G with HARM’s and Mavericks. On top of that is 4 recon RF-4E’s that are straight up missile magnets.

Al Dhafra Air Base is where our Vipers live, the F-16’s. We’ve got MK82 iron bombs, mavericks, cluster bombs, and 9 KC-135R’s to fuel them up as the F-16’s have gas tanks about as large as a Mazda Miata.

Our Navy friends have a whole range of crazy shit from Hornets to Tomcats to Prowlers. Ideally my support assets will help his strikers and CAP stay aloft longer and strike further.

First I’ll get two lines of fuelers with the AEW right behind. We’ll adjust these back a bit once we see the radar rings coming from Iraq. No one wants to lose a tanker to a MIG-21…

And now I send it off to Alikchi so he can make his initial moves. It’ll be a back and forth between the two of us.

We’ll dig into targets, challenges, and how we can best get the Navy to meatshield for our expensive and highly trained pilots.

Who will win?

If the Coalition wins I’ll donate to $25 to Feeding America. If “The Baghdude” wins, I’ll donate $25 to an individual of the threads choice on Kiva.

This is a mirror of my Let’s Play at SomethingAwful.

Turn 1 - Initial Orders

Here we go! This first turn will be 30 minutes total broken into 10 minute pieces. So all of the orders we enter now will be executed (if applicable) over that time period. At the end of those 10 minute blocks I am no longer a passive observer and can give more orders. After my 30 minutes it goes back to Alikchi. But first let’s look up north.


H3 has 6 Hardened Shelters, 16 Ammo Revetments, and 1 Hardened Ammo Bunker. We could target other facilities here but it’s likely a waste of ordnance. I plan on focusing on the essentials. Probably the bigger issue is determining what is defending H3. We have some known SAM sites due east, but we’ve also likely got SHORAD closer up. Intel says everything from SA-6, SA-8, and Rolands.

The SA-6 is very capable and dangerous. But it has an engagement ceiling of 35,000 ft and a hit chance of 45%.

The SA-8 is shorter range with a 20k ft ceiling but a 75% hit chance.

The Roland is even shorter range at 3nm and a 55% hit chance.

The key to all of these, and the bigger fixed SAM’s is to knock down the OODA loop. In a nutshell if the SAM’s know you are coming they can prepare and they will be looking. If we can degrade the radars through either killing them or scrambling them with EWAR then they will react slower. Our birds may be gone before they even know what hit them. On the flip side if we are detected far out then that conscript Iraqi SAM operator will know exactly where to look… On top of the SAM systems is a plethora of AAA, MANPAD’s, and other SAM’s.

H2 is more of the same as H3, Hardened Shelters, Ammo Revetments, Hardened Ammo Bunker.

Al Taqaddum is just a bunch of industrial buildings. Unfortunately it is flanked by two air bases and surrounded by SAM’s. Aggressive SEAD along with proper escorts will be essential. We’ll analyze the OPFOR A2A assets in a later turn.

Initial goal is to knock out some radars. The Iraqi’s have to distinct types of radars. One is fixed radars the other is SAM radars. The SAM radars may scan continuously or emit only during attack. Usually a combination of these two. In this case we are “peeling the onion” but stripping away the long range radars followed by the mid range SAM radars. Which hopefully prevents the Iraqi’s from getting a good response.

The Tornado GR.1A is based at Dharan Air Base.

We have 8 of them. Two are unavailable. Two have ALARMS, the others have anti-runway bombs. We can’t reach any Iraqi air fields without fueling and I’m confident that our F-15’s can keep the skys clear. I’m going to refit the cluster bombs to more SEAD.

It’ll take 6 hours to refit. Which puts those at 0430 local time. Still dark.

Our first Tornado will strike at the east radars. It’ll go in with a package of 4 Tornado ADV’s as escorts. It will not launch yet as I want them to go into Baghdad with the full support of my Wild Weasels.

Our second Tornado is going in. Now. There’s not nearly the SAM coverage and we’ve got plenty of stand off range with the ALARM at 40 nm.

Time to put our Eagles to use. I’ve got a patrol area set above the Saudi-Iraqi border with a prosecution zone just avoiding the SAM coverage. This means our F-15’s will engage hostiles within the reddish area. Once we’ve degraded the SAM network we’ll squeak this up a bit. But now if an Iraqi MIG-21 wants to go fueler hunting.

There we are! The start of our first round. Time get some birds in the air.

I see Alikchi’s carriers are repositioning.

At 2232 his F-14’s are in the air. One pair of the VF-14 TopHatters and a pair from VF-103 Sluggers.

I’m not sure his loadouts, but that is a damned good looking bird.

Our AEW is up. The white ring is air radar coverage range while the yellow range is ground radar coverage. We have another aircraft, our JSTARS, that we’ll put up once we’ve got a solid CAP that can really reach out and inspect Baghdad.

2239 finds both our Eagles in the air and our strike Tornado. It’s going after the SAM site first and I’m not sure if it’ll try to shoot all 3 ALARMs at one target. So I’m going to drop the SAM’s once it’s my turn and just focus on the radar. We’ll re-task if neccessary after the radar is out.

Argh, forgot to get a screenshot one second before the end of my turn. You can see the F-14’s moving up along with a healthy group of rotary wing assets covering the carriers. Our Strike Path is now just to hit the radar, we’ll tweak it on my next turn.

At this point it heads back to Alikchi!

I can’t name lucky planes as I’m not in editor mode. But, I can add your name to a mission! So if you want to be strike lead on an F-15, F-111, F-4, or support aircraft, drop your call sign and the mission will get named after you.

Turn 2 - USAF

It looks like everything is still moving into position. The last 30 minutes appear quiet. The F-15’s are almost into the patrol zone. Both AEW and tankers are almost in position too. By the end of this turn we’ll send up the JSTARS and prepare to get the Wild Weasels strike up around Baghdad.

Alikchi is taking no chances. That is a solid ASW patrol area.

There’s a lot to take in here. The light red area is the prosecuction zone. Our F-15’s will hunt and kill any hostiles in this area. Alikchi’s F-14’s appear to be headed closer to Baghdad. The Tornado’s are on path and looking good. It’s cool to see a path that avoids the SAM sites and airbases. The light blue line is where my JSTARS will follow when it does the side-scanning radar trick in preparation for the F-4’s.

Our JSTARS is up and active. This radar is great for detecting ground targets. It reaches out ~200nm from the aircraft. We’ll adjust the flight course to allow it to catch the southern edge of Baghdad.

Contact! We’ve got a pair of Alikchi’s F-14A’s headed in towards the bogey. Our contact report shows only a a to air short range radar but nothing we can identify. My Tornado ADV’s are also vectored in to cover the striker.

One of the Prowlers has picked up a MIG-23 from emissions alone. We don’t have a vector on this one yet. I’m not sure why we picked up the emissions on the further contact but not the nearer one. Maybe emission direction?

It looks like my Tornado’s are going to get first launch!

And they miss. Oops. But luckily the F-14’s get it.

Going into our last round and I see one more bogey coming in.

MIG-23ML Flogger! The Skyflash is off!

Winner winner chicken dinner. Scratch that Flogger.

Here we are, 30 seconds before end of my turn. The ALARM strike is going to occur during Alikchi’s turn so hopefully it goes off without a hitch! Beyond that all of my F-15’s are in position and the JSTARS is moving up.

Hats off to the IKE creator too, we ran into an issue and he helped us out on Discord. It seems some new features were added to IKE in the beta builds to help it along. Alikchi and I were both using the Steam build and things got wonky for me.

Back to Alikchi!

Turn 3 USAF

The Alarm did it’s job in fine fashion. It’s interesting as in a regular CMO scenario I likely would have micro-managed this and fired one ALARM at each target. This feels more real as I can see someone wanting a guaranteed kill instead of a few maybes.

And a Spoon Rest pops up right next to H2. Alikchi, this’d be a prime spot to use your HARM’s.

The big unit here is my JSTARS. Once it has identified ground targets around Al Taqaddum I’ll send in my Wild Weasels for an all out strike on the air defenses.

Around Al Taqaddum we have a pair of radars flanked by a ton of SAM’s. Some of these, the SA-2F’s for example, have a minimum ceiling of 1000 feet. But others, the SA-3’s have ceilings of 160 ft. Even more dangerous are the Grails and Geckos that’ll shoot even lower. Ideally we blind the two radars and then do a SEAD patrol on the whole area to knock out any emitters that pop up.

The JSTARS makes its turn and we get a whole lot of contacts around our target area. How many are AAA? How many are Rolands?

I’m significantly shrinking the target area. We’re going to knock out the longer ranged SAM’s and then focus on those closer range unknowns around Al Taqaddum. Once we’ve scraped that barrel clean we can send in the F-16’s and F-111’s for the big show.

USAF Turn 4

My JSTARS has proven its worth! Most of those newly deteced units are over H2 and H3.

Near as Alikchi and I can tell, if one my units engages a hostile in Alikchi’s turn, his units won’t go offensive until mine have finished attacking. Hence the AIM-7 kill.

H2 shows a healthy helping of air defenses. That green icon looks to be an Iraqi Spoon Rest? I thought we killed that last turn?

Next up I’m sending my 2nd Tornado in with the ALARM’s to knock out the closest two SA-2f’s and a couple of other targets. Going to take a gamble and set it to fire 1 ALARM per target. It’s a 90% POH so I’m feeling lucky. We’re also pairing up a Wild Weasel to ensure a kill with the HARM’s. I’m also attaching an RF-4E to get some close range intel. Our JSTARS identified a AAA, but I’d like to know a bit more about what we face.

I’m certain it’s hot garbage, but it can still wreck someones day if they fly directly over it. The red ring is the anti-air ring, orange is anti-surface.

CMDR Kvlts! is directed to bring up both the 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron and the 71st Tactical Fighter Squadron. We’re doing 1/3 in the air at a time to prevent any Iraqi incursions against our fuelers or AEW.

Strike time is in the air. The big yellow bow tie is the surface scanning radar on the RF-4E.

JSTARS gets a great read on both H2 and H3. At H3 we have some trashy AAA with some capable Shilka’s and a single SA-6. Alikchi, if you’ve got another Prowler that can swat at that SA-6 / Shilkas that’d be awesome!

H2 has more ofthe same but with more SAM’s. I’ve got to schlep across Iraq to nail this so once again I’d love it if the fine folks in the Navy could drop bombs on those. It’ll save my Aardvarks from a nasty ending.

By the end of the 30 minutes we’ve got the strike team inbound. During my next round I’ll get the remainder of the Weasels up and hopefully we can get the F-111’s cranking. This is all surge ops, so it is 6 hours per mission meaning we can probably get 2 strikes out of the F-111’s. If they survive…

USAF Turn 5

2330 ZULU

Everything is shaping up well! My Tornado GR.1A should be the first one to fire on the SA-2F site. This should, with any luck, knock out the radar on the site and allow us easy entry. Beyond that we’ve got a ton of F-15’s up in the air.

Hmm, we know where it is. Which is good. But it’s not radiating. Which is bad. Hopefully the moment it emits the Tornado will loft one and knock it out. Just in case the Tornado is past I’ll set the Weasel to also fire a HARM. It’s about this moment one realizes this is exactly the sort of mission these things were designed for…

Luckily a giant ass radar has to emit to be useful so our F-4G lets loose a HARM.

Whammo! Tall King is down.

Tornado finally gets the SA-2F to emit! But it’s now dodging a SAM the size of a telephone pole.

Swing and a miss!



Hmm. I think we’re going to need to do a SEAD Patrol and just get the Weasels out in force to wreck this place.

Well shit.

At that we send our units back to base and I’ll get the patrol up on the next round. The IKE framework is requiring me to break some bad micromanaging habits. I need to think more like a commander and less like a micro-manager in chief.

USAF Turn 6

Right! So Alikchi and I have been discussing the last two turns and we think we know what’s going on. By killing the radars the AAA and SAM’s have to acquire the inbound targets differently. So the OODA loop is very long. Our fast jets fly by, don’t get seen, and have to linger for a long time. This is not optimal. I’m going to send up my Weasels on a patrol around Baghdad and anything that pops up and emits will eat a HARM. Or at least that’s the plan…

In a nutshell we’re going to keep the Weasels aloft and eyeing up Baghdad. The radar will likely die first and hopefully a whole lot more!

I’m also setting off the first strike with the F-111’s. I’ve got one batch rocking…

4-6 feet of concrete!

The crowd favorite. Paveways. 4 each! I want to get one strike out before the suns comes up.

F-111’s up! Looks like the OECM birds have radars on, we’ll correct that on my next turn.

Weasels are up and out too. So hopefully in the next hour we’ll see some action.

“Alikchi Post”
USN - Turns 5 & 6

00:00:00 Zulu. The Prowlers heading for the Shilkas have a problem - the Shilkas refuse to light up their radars. Their OODA loop is all messed up. I switch their mission from a direct strike on the Shilkas to patrol and prosecution SEAD. If the enemy flips a radar on, the Prowlers should react and take it out.

To supplement the Prowlers, I launch a group of three Intruders, led by Commander Pthighs . The southern Shilka (and a 57mm AA battery) that JSTARS spotted are a bit exposed. I’m gambling that the Intruders can take them out without straying into range.

00:19:13 Zulu: The Iraqis launch another fighter, a Hawkeye spots it, and a pair of F-14s (of VF-32 “Swordsmen”) go after it.

00:20:00 Zulu. Jay Bird radar indicates that this is another Fishbed.

Sparrow away!

He’s trying to evade…

… without success.

My Turn 6 is relatively quiet. The Intruders are slowly edging towards H2/H3, while Yooper’s Wild Weasel Phantoms advance in the east.

Finally, my F/A-18s, A-7s and A-6s are almost fully rearmed. The next few turns should see a lot of shit get blown up.

USAF Turn 7

JSTARS continues to pick up sites as it transits through the area.

The F-111 strike is inbound to H3. I’ve now corrected the OECM birds and they are JAM only.

Weasels are inbound as well. I’ve got both Mavericks and HARM’s so they’ll probably go dry quick like. Ideally the Radar goes down first.

Alikchi’s Intruders seem to be doing circles over the Iraqi desert. Hopefully my turn ends in time for him to send them onto targets.

Because it’s party time at H3!

Mavericks going in on the entry SA-2 site.

The neighboring SA-2 site started to emit and the Weasels launched 6 HARMs…

I’ve got about a 60% success rate on these things. Someone at Raytheon needs to take a walk behind the barn.

Both of the sites are degraded a bit. I’ll re-adjust the patrol area on my next round to ignore these two.

New patrol area is just the Baghdad area.

The end of my turn finds Alikchi’s FA-18’s headed in. Hopefully they’ll arrive at the target zone just before my F-111’s transit. Which would be sweet! My Phantoms are a bit lackluster. Ideally I’d change the WRA to less HARM’s but seeing how many malfunctions I’m having I’d rather not.

“Alikchi Post”

USN - Turn 7

Things are really coming together now. The three Paveway-lugging Intruders with Prowler buddy, led by CMDR Pthighs (AKA “Black Falcon 1”), have been loitering unnecessarily, but they ended up in an advantageous position. I turn them (3) northwest with direct orders targeting the Shilkas. A pair of patrolling Prowlers (4) hang out nearby, blasting OECM and waiting for targets to light up. To the south, a huge wave of Yooper’s Aardvarks (2) is coordinating nicely with my eight Hornets, led by hotshot pilot CMDR Gervasius .(1).

CMDR Pthighs is probably saying something cool like “smoke em if ya got em, boys” in this shot.

For once, all my aircraft appear to be doing exactly what I’ve told them to do.


5 minutes later, a mixed strike has departed the carriers: 4 Intruders with Maverick anti-tank missiles, and 4 Hornets - two with Walleyes, and two with SLAMs. They’ll be the cleanup crew, presuming anything worth bombing survives the onslaught Yooper and I appear to be set to deliver upon H2 and H3.

Pthighs’ wing is soaring in. Here goes nothing…

Videos: End of Phase 1& Beginning of Phase 2 (x5 speed)

Success! Looks like two Shilka kills, wiping out the southern platoon, and multiple 57mm AA guns knocked out. All ordinance expended, the Pthighs gang heads home.

As far as I can tell, there was no return fire whatsoever. Our guys are gonna have a field day here.

The Navy pilots catch sight of the Aardvarks passing by on their way to H3, low to the east at 12,000 feet. They wave.

02:20:00 and the Aardvarks are launching GBU-15 CWW bunker-busters. It’s 5:20 AM local, still dark enough for a bit of visual cover.

Yooper’s forces update me on their activities in the Baghdad area during the previous pulse - they’ve been Wild Weaselling around, and blasted another Bar Lock and AA battery a few minutes ago.

The GBU-15 impacts. Looks like a good hit.

Paveways are next to go after the ammo revetments.

In they go…

02:21:26 Zulu: Boom kapow

This series of disconcertingly large explosions jolts an Iraqi radar tech awake, I guess. An SA-14 Gremlin flips on its radar and starts lobbing missiles at the F-111 Aardvarks. 492nd #11 takes a nonlethal hit as all three Aards dive and evade.

One Aardvark, #14, is lethally unlucky.

But my patrolling Prowlers take their shot. HARMs streak in towards the SA-14. The approaching F/A-18s of VFA-138 “Marauders”, led by Gervasius, fire an additional three.

02:23:06 Zulu: Only one of the original three Aardvarks is making it home. A fresh pair more pass it on their way north.

The pair of Prowler-launched HARMs are locked on to an SA-6 battery. Another SAM is launched at the Aardvarks…

… and while one HARM misses, we get a good armor-penetrating hit on the SA-6.

As the new trio of F-111s lines up to dump Paveways on targets, the three F/A-18 launched HARMs… all miss.

More good hits on the revetments.

Looks like that pair will make it out safely. Next wave is up, more GBU-15s are coming in…

Another half-dozen F-111s follow up with Paveways, mostly hitting the hardened aircraft shelters.

Then revetments and surface ammunition bunkers…

As the bombardment continues to stream in, I hit 02:30:00 and hand the turn over to Yooper.

USAF Turn 8

Our JSTARS continues to pick up stuff. I’m going to try and reposition it to cover that area and Baghdad a little better.


01/21/1991 02:17:30Z // Radar (Bar Lock A [P-37]) with AGM-88B HARM
01/21/1991 02:21:07Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:21:21Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:21:23Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:21:37Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:21:44Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:21:55Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:21:58Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:24:13Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:24:15Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:24:23Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:24:38Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:26:00Z // [Target] A/C Quick Turn Hardened Aircraft Shelter (1x Medium Aircraft) with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:26:03Z // [Target] A/C Quick Turn Hardened Aircraft Shelter (1x Medium Aircraft) with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:26:04Z // [Target] A/C Tab-Vee Hardened Aircraft Shelter (1x Large Aircraft) with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:26:10Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:26:18Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:26:32Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]
01/21/1991 02:27:38Z // [Target] A/C Quick Turn Hardened Aircraft Shelter (1x Medium Aircraft) with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:27:38Z // [Target] A/C Quick Turn Hardened Aircraft Shelter (1x Medium Aircraft) with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:27:40Z // [Target] A/C Tab-Vee Hardened Aircraft Shelter (1x Large Aircraft) with GBU-15(V)32/B CWW IIR [BLU-109/B]
01/21/1991 02:29:57Z // [Target] Ammo Revetement with GBU-10E/B Paveway II LGB [Mk84]

That’s a really good smackdown on targets. I’m really happy with the results here.

This sucks though.

This is the BUK that shot it down. It’s a fairly capable system.

MANPAD is not what I expected to see knock out an F-111.

Saros posted:

Where is the Iraqi airforce?

This scenario occurs on Day 4 of Desert Storm. My hunch is most of the Iraqi Air Force has departed for Iran. There is a really good Desert Storm scenario in the campaign pack that really beefs up the Iraqi Air Force and they can be downright nasty in a swarm.

There are a few F-111’s inbound and then they will head in for a refit. We’ll get one more strike in, possibly 2.

The next wave of F-4G’s are inbound to Baghdad. Next round through we’ll get our F-16’s up and focused on Al Taqqadum. I’d like to make sure the air defences there are nice and degraded.

Time to get some Tacview action!

Can see the arc of the GBU’s.

We get a few strikes on the bunker but our GBU-10’s don’t get good penetration. We may have to send in a second strike to really whomp it.

I had no idea a GBU could do that.

We give it a licking, but it keeps ticking. That bunker is the last target at H3.

One of the Weasels fires on a AAA site south of Baghdad.

Weapon: AGM-65D Maverick IR #1624 missed AAA Bty (57mm S-60 x 6, RPK-1M1 FCR) by 0nm
Weapon: AGM-65D Maverick IR has impacted 57mm S60 (of AAA Bty (57mm S-60 x 6, RPK-1M1 FCR))

Speaking of targets, a Mig-23 makes an appearance.

F-15C’s promptly go offensive and move to engage.

Swing and a miss!

2nd missile does a bit better.

Hey! A MIG-25P Foxbat rises up from Al Asad.

One of Alikchi’s Hornets strikes a AAA battery and knocks it out completely. A 2nd AAA is taken out a minute later.

At the start of the next turn we’ll get the F-16’s fuelers up and then the F-16’s at the end of the turn. Al Taqqadum looks to be a nice soft target and our cluster bombs should make quick work of it. And the iron bombs too…

Alikchi Post
USN Turn 8

With H3’s air defences (and mission objectives) almost entirely neutralized, I shift my patrol/prosecution zones around to focus on airbase H2. Four Intruders with Mavericks are vectored in at low altitude, with orders to attack an SA-2 battery and other SAM sites.

The Intruders fire their Mavericks at treetop level and peel off.

That might have been overkill. Heavy damage reported!

More Gervasius Hornets are directed towards H2.

They launch a flurry of Walleyes and SLAM missiles…

The Walleyes miss their target, but the SLAMs ensure that the SA-2 is extremely, definitively out of action.

USAF Turn 9

Short legged Phantoms are topping up fuel before returning to patrol. The Tornado, which must have a gas tank like a swimming pool, is headed in.

I set up two strikes for the Vipers. First is to knock out the Shilkas, Strela, and Roland. The next is to cluster bomb that chemical munitions plant. I’ll also send in some F-16’s with dumb bombs to help out.

F-111’s are headed in for refit. Hopefully I’ll have time to swap one to a penetrator. Probably should have done that earlier…

It seems the Iraqi’s are a bit shy to emit…

First F-111’s are back at base. We begin to refit the standby birds to GBU-24A’s. These bad boys were made on the fly out of a M110 Howitzer barrel.

The F-16’s are in the air and headed to target. With any luck the Shilka strike will arrive first and actually knock out the Shilka…

Alikchi Post
USN Turn 9

We’re clearly still in control here.

I tighten up the Gervasius SEAD zone over H2. Time to scour the place for emitters before we come in with the heavy hand.

Two VFA-82 Hornets armed with HARMs make a flyby of the base…

… and draw fire, which is returned energetically. HARMs away.

Stay down, SA-8.

A few minutes later, a team of Yooper’s F-15s put down a Foxbat that stuck its nose out, about 50 miles west of Ramadi. I hope his ejection seat worked because this feels a bit like clubbing seals.

Another wave of HARM Hornets means another wave of misses, baby!

As my turn concludes, I shrink the SEAD patrol zone yet again. Intruders are bracketing H2 as Hornets provide overwatch. If anything lights up… well, we’ll probably miss it again, but the enemy will run out of SAMs before we run out of HARMs. I think.

USAF Turn 11

On the plus side we’ve knocked out a Roland, Shilka, and SA-9. On the down side we lost a Viper to a SA-3. Bummer.

In the north a pair of Eagles are engaing a Mirage F.1EQ. Here’s a HushKit article detailing the Mirage’s as fairly capable fighters.

The Viper strike package is just about done fueling.

Alas the super cool Mirage is outdated by a decade and the F-15’s make short work of it.

I hope that KC-10A can hurry it up.

Heat6 will be the first on target with the Mk82 LDGP. We’ll see how well we degraded the defenses in a few minutes.

A SAM rises up at Heat 6. Likely a MANPAD as we have no emissions. A second later he releases his ordnance.

We missed? I think I’ll need to wait for a BDA.

Yah baby. Splash damage. Picture the pilot in Heat 6 cranking up some Twisted Sister for the ride back. Hell yah.

Heat 6 takes some AAA on the way out. Not sure which systems are damaged yet until I get back in control.

Cluster bombs inbound!

Looks like our friend lost hid comms. This is bad. Which means he’s probably on fire.

Tornado action! The GR.1A fires on an SA-6 while te escorts takes on an elderly F-7B Fishbed.

The Fishbed works in concert with an SA-6 and strikes down two Tornados!

Only the GR.1A makes it. The 4 escorting ADV Tornado’s are lost to an SA-6. We’ve got multiple strikers inbound to the Chemical Plant. I have a feeling we’ll be sending more. Next turn I’ll be turning the non-critical mission zone into a no-fly zone.

Alikchi Post
USN Turn 10

Well, we did some real damage to H2’s air defences during the USAF turn, but we lost two A-7s in the process.

I put together a small mission with a mix of A-7s and A-6s lugging Mk83 dumb bombs and Paveways. Airspace should be clear enough now to start blowing up the hardened aircraft shelters.

10 minutes in and not much is happening in western Iraq, but I note Yooper’s boys Wild Weaseling west of Baghdad again.

Outkast would never write a song called “HARMs over Ramadi” but it’s what we’ve got.

As the turn ends, two of Yooper’s F-15s are chasing an enemy fighter - a Mirage - over the Euphrates. It’s destroyed in the next turn (see Yooper’s post above, lol).

USN Turn 11

That mixed strike is on its way to H2. My map is absolutely littered with contact reports at this point.

USAF Wild Weasel F-4s and F-16s, supported by Saudi/Brit Tornadoes, advance in the east while my Intruders and Corsairs work north in the west.

10 minutes in and I assign another mixed strike, this one targeting the H3 airfield.

Those F-16s are doing good work.

Here come my boys.

Here come my boys’ Paveways and Mk 83s.

One penetrating hit!

It’s raining thousand-pounders.

Only light damage reported on this one. Boo. Hopefully wrong.

Ah well. Zero casualties and plenty of ordnance expended. I’ll call that one a good mission.

The H3 strike is in the air now.

And the Iraqis have put up another Mirage. He seems intent on menacing Yooper’s guys buzzing Baghdad.

As my turn ends, that Mirage is getting a little too close to the F-4s for comfort…

USAF Turn 12

It’s interesting that the JSTARS is still picking stuff up.

Hooray! Two more down from some solid 500 lb bomb hits.

Ouch! Viper down.

Another Mirage is peaking up. A half dozen Eagles are up to intercept. The Mirage is going to have a bad day.

Our last Viper is inbound with 3000 lbs of bombs. I’ve tasked the remaining 4 F-16’s on this target.

Ahh, we re-acquired the targets at H3.

Bombs away!

Missiles away!

Boom boom!

It took 5 AIM-7’s to knock the Mirage out. Ugh. Evasive little bugger.

Not much more action for this turn. We’ve got 3 hours until the F-111’s finish re-arming.

I don’t know if I missed the pop up, or didn’t get a pop up because this guy appeared on my “off” turn, but a MIG-21 just wiped out our JSTARS with a heater.

So this may be our last turn! CMO is due for a big update tomorrow to coincide with the release of Kashmir Fire. The IKE creator warned me it’ll break this PBEM save. Other than watching a dumpster fire of me losing JSTARS to MIG-21’s, we may take a break and then do another CMO PBEM mission again in the future! On top of that we have 3 hours of just hitting space bar as the clock runs down and our F-15’s patrol.

As expected the update broke our save. But it’s a convenient spot to halt the mission. The next few hours of back and forth would be fairly quiet. On the plus side Kashmir Fire is out and I’m losing far too many planes over the Pakistani-Indian border. Thank god for restart!

So who won? Obviously you, the common goon! Saddam was very well degraded and would have lost damned near everything. Unfortunately we did lose a lot of planes and to add icing to Saddams cake, the JSTARS.

We’re going to ask for a rematch at a future date, and until then I’ll concede my to Kiva!

Who is our lucky Kiva winner?

Mahmoud of Zarqa Jordan! Totally not a head shop.


A loan of $1,425 helps to bring new scents for his customers that will be looking to buy perfume for Eid to give as gifts for their loved ones to keep his business in a good position in the market.

A Jordanian perfume dealer. Sounds like a character from The Hired Gooniverse!


Mahmoud opened his shop in 2018. Ever since, he has been crafting perfumes for his customers. He brings a new and vibrant feel to perfume. A modern taste for a traditional flavor. His perfumes are excellent as gifts. He hopes this Eid will be a good time for sales. A loan will help him get more scents for his concoctions. He has a good future ahead of him.

Godspeed you crazy perfumer. Should you also want to give a Jordanian Perfumer go to