France '14 - Miracle at the Marne

After completing one round with France '14 I’ve committed to a second go, this time a larger scenario. So much larger that I can’t even screen shot the entire front!

So instead here’s the jump map. Oh my! This is by far the largest JTS scenario I’ve attempted.

The Verdun Salient.

The Marne Front.

The Seine Front.

As it’s quite big I’m starting in bites. My Main VP locations will be St. Dizier, Bar le Duc, and the jewel, Verdun with 5000 VP. The route to St Dizier is littered with VP’s as well.

I’ll take it in bits, attempt to move in and gain ground, whilst watching my West flank as I see a few British units. I have 30 turns to go, so I best get moving.

I’ve started near Verdun. Though I discovered a good deal of the units are Fixed in place.

The advice my opponent gave me was “The N key is your friend”. Though I discovered the N key wishes me to start in the west… so I’ll jump there next, just for sanity sake.

First goal is to find the edge of the hostile front and then deploy in a safe position. I don’t have many VP’s in some of these spots so I’m going to work on holding. Defense in depth if I can.

And I just discovered how to show the entire front…

And that just made it so much easier to see it all and gain a plan. We’ll see how well I can stick to it eh?

Day two of entering orders. Wow! I set out to keep a good accounting in the thread and I will once we start getting more action. At the moment it’s been moving people into contact and making sure I’m keeping some cohesion.

Otherwise I end up with stuff like this. The worst part is the rest of the unit is stuck in the forest.

Closer to Verdun I get some decent packs of units but everything moves slow. Slooooooow.

In the north I have a conundrum. A bunch of units are fixed, so if I move the flanks in I’ll run into a weird line. For the moment I’m going to hold tight.

This is my first really big JTS scenario so I’m going to have to pay attention to things like supply and fatigue. Luckily only my Cav is dealing with fatigue and a few front line units with supply issues.

And here’s a gif of the first turn. I’m hoping to stitch all 30 turns together to see the shit show unfold…

At the start of T2 things are starting to take form. Or at least I can get a better idea of force concentrations. The GIF is ridiculously helpful in picking out areas of movement.

The British are showing a strong concentration in the west. I’ve got my units behind streams and digging in. There’s no VP’s to worry about past that point so it’ll be holding tight.

Further along I have a hell of a bundle of French troops. Now I have a conundrum. If I do a defense in depth I can prevent the artillery and machine guns from hammering my stacks. But then I lose out the massed fire from my infantry. I think ideally I have a pair of infantry with a MG unit just behind. We’ll see!

I’ve got a gap opening in that neck of the woods. I’ll have to seal this up this turn.

The Frontier of sorts. Hard to travel well through here, lots of forest.

L’elbow. Goal this turn is to straighten up this line and prepare to advance.

Things north to Verdun are messy. I’m conflicted on when to drive a clean line and when to advance in speed. Luckily I’ve got my Cavalry to screen the forward movement. I’ve got quite a few turns till dark hits…

This gap has me worried. What’s there? Luckily in 1914 we have aeroplanes.

Well, it’s not a total free path, but hey, I’ll have some movement.

Slowly I inch forward. Up near Verdun I discover more units are activated. I’ve also got some big siege guns coming from the East. Those will come in handy soon.

Speaking of lessons, I’ve learned a few the hard way. The main one is travel mode. Essential for travelling, but I need to halt at least one hex out and decamp my units. Otherwise they are on the line and become disrupted unacceptably quick.

Determining which units can fire and where has been a bit of a clickfest. First View, then Shades, then Max Range. I want my guns close enough to hit without being hit. Same with field pieces. I assume it’s something I’ll get used to.

Now it goes back to Hypno. I think he’ll start the meatgrinder.