France '14 - Unwritten Valor

Playing a round of Unwritten Valor with a friend of mine, Hypnobeard. I’m not a JTS expert and wanted to start on the lighter side. This scenario looks a bit more manageable.

At the end of my round I get a bunch of reinforcements, most of which don’t have the movement range to get into position. Maybe next turn? Hopefully the few units in the city can hold until then.

Start of T2. Hypnobeard is making a good push and took one hex, potentially cutting off my units cross the river.

Spent most of the turn just moving units up, trying to dig in (which I realized I should’ve been doing last turn) and taking pot shots where I could.

Oh dear. This is turning into a brutal fight. The German artillery is coming into play and it’s going to be painful.

I manage to move some more units into place but I’m not sure if anyone has managed to really dig in.

Brutal. We still hold all of the objectives but I could lose both quite quickly. The CP round really pushed hard. My hero artillery, VI/44E RAC is finally disrupted and in rough shape. But, the elan!

By the end not much has changed. I’ve consolidated the defenses in the north. A few more units moved in to the main control point but it’ll still be a tough go.

We’ve lost the 150 point objective to a bloody assault.

I lose two main points. The spot in the south is gonna hurt as it gives them one more angle to pinch me.

We manage to disrupt a few of the close regiments. It’ll b a tough go on the next round.

By the last turn we still hold the main objective. Looking back I should have dug in sooner and reinforced the 250 pt objective in the Northwest. All in all it felt good. Very WW1’ish. Hats off to Hypnobeard for a great match!