Japan '46 AAR Day 0

Day 0: Briefings

In this AAR we will be covering Operation Coronet in John Tiller’s Japan '46. This operation was the hypothetical invasion of mainland Japan in case the atomic bombs failed to detonate. It would have been the largest naval invasion in history, and we will be going through it day by day. Each turn will take 2 hours, and each hex is 1km. This post is pretty short, but it will be covering the locations of each of the landing sites and which units will be fighting where.


Operation Coronet is the American invasion of the Tokyo and the surrounding areas after taking the Island of Kyushu the previous year.

The first landings will be made at 04:00 on March 1st, 1946. There will be three separate landing sites for a mixture of US army and marine troops

The first two landings will be made by US army troops from the 8th Army on the two different sections of Sagami beach

The X corps will be responsible for securing the western section of the beach, supported by naval artillery and air support from a mixture of ships from the US Pacific fleet, while the XIV corps will be responsible for securing the eastern section, supported by British (brown icons) and French (blue icons) naval artillery and American air support.

Intel reports ~3000 Japanese troops covering both beaches, with 35 coastal guns directly firing onto the beaches, and many more in reserve. While this is definitely going to be a tough fight, it shouldn’t be nearly as bloody as Omaha, and we should be able to make it off of the beaches by noon.

The other major landing site will be made on Kujukiri Beach, which is on the eastern side of the Boso Peninsula. The landing will be made by two corps from the US First Army, with the III Amphibious Corps made up of primarily marine forces landing on the northern side of the beach, and the XXIV Corps made up of entirely US army troops landing on the southern end, with both corps supported by fire support from both US naval and air assets.
Intel states that the Japanese 7th and 27th divisions defending the beach are predicted to give our troops much less of a fight than the other side of the landing, which should only be made easier by our elite marine troops, which are well trained for this exact type of operation. It should only take us a few hours to make it off the beaches, and hopefully we will be able to push further inland on the first day of the invasion.

How This is Going to Work

I am going to upload each post of this AAR for every day that passes in game (which is 10 turns). This is my first AAR, and I am still a bit of John Tiller noob, so I am hoping to learn a lot along the way about how you guys want me to present this, and how I can learn to play the game better. Currently with the quarantine I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands so I’m going to try to post these consistently, but this may change due to school and other things going on in my life.

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@Cocoaboat Do you use a planning map to keep everyone organized? Or is it just bit by bit and keeping the fronts aligned?

As of right now I don’t as the front is small enough that I don’t really need to, but further in to the campaign I do plan to as even though its not difficult to manage, once more corps come onto the field it makes it easier to visualize for the viewers when I do include one.

Nice, I’ll be looking forward to it. I don’t have this JTS game so I’ll be living vicariously through you on the beaches.