Strike Command - The Early Days

Ladies and Gentleman, time to put on our big girl panties. This is a two pronged mission.

The primary mission , and the one we’ll be paid for is to support the Indian Volunteers as they engage both Tibet-Chinese forces and the TLA. We will receive positional data on the front line units from the Volunteers on the ground. However there are likely more units behind them in the mountain passes. The Chinese Air Force is on stand down right now. There will be no Chinese Air Force over the Tibet operation zone. AAA is likely. MANPADS will be limited.

Payment is both for the mission itself AND for performance. The more assets we destroy, the further the lines move back, the more we’re paid.

Secondary Mission

China has two bulk carriers coming into Sittwe. Each of these contains portable SAM’s, modern MANPAD systems and mobile radar. This isn’t the junk we’ve been dealing with in Tibet. With the rail line cut through Sichuan they are trying to reinforce the Eastern front in Tibet. Which means if we don’t sink these boats we’ve got a big fucking problem. The Indians aren’t paying us for this job, but it’ll make it much tougher to operate in Tibet if we don’t kill them.

Here’s the catch. We can’t overfly Bangladesh. Going over Myanmar will create unpredictable results. We can, but we might have to deal with their air force too. It’s not cutting edge by any means, but it could be nasty. Once we attack those ships the Myanmar Air Force is likely to respond. All we know is the ships are approaching Sittwe, but not the exact position.

It’s going to be like finding a needle in a stack of needles.

More specifics to come.

The Marine Session

Target #1 Mao’s Wisdom 5750t Container Ship - Arriving from Shanghai

The Mao’s Wisdom is carrying munitions and radar. It has a checkered registry ranging from Moldova to Philippine but always traceable back to China. That they’re hauling munitions like this in a Chinese registered ship says something about the desperation to halt this front. Of particular note is container of the JY-14 radar systems.

We have no information regarding armament or upgrades.

Target #2 Red Blossom 9500t Container Ship - Arriving from Angola

The Red Blossom was originally carrying SAM’s systems to Angola, including a Chinese variant of the venerable ZSU-23 system. Of more worry is a very large collection of MANPAD’s, FN-6, QW-3, and a limited quantity of Verba’s. This ship was interdicted by the US Navy off Somalia a few years back after hauling weapons to some very unsavory characters.

We do have footage of her at Cape Town and saw no armament. But, there was a Chinese Frigate spotted shortly after.

As I stated before. These are optional targets. They are closing in on Sittwe. Once they get into Myanmar territorial waters we run the risk of dragging Myanmar into the conflict against us. If we breach Myanmar airspace we can guarantee a hefty response. If we fire upon the container ships we will get a response, though likely less.

Myanmar Air Force

Myanmar has a fairly robust radar system all along the coast line. What they lack in fighters they make up for in coverage. The Air Force has been assisting China in the Sichuan theater and in the Northern operations. We can expect a range of J-6, J-7, and MIG-29’s. They may have JF-17’s as well. Our intel is unclear.

They will not breach Indian or Bangladeshi air space though they may fire into it. The pilots on hand are not trainees but veterans of fighting in the East.

The CAS Up North

Under cover of darkness two regiments of Indian “Volunteers” crossed the border and took Nyingchi. The Volunteers are a mix of Indians and Tibetan exiles. They have a serious lack of heavy armament, hence why we’re here. The TLA pushed up in one mountain pass to the South. The Chinese-Tibetan Army is pushing back, hard, in a pass to the North. Make no mistake, without our robust support these units will crumble. India won’t cross the border to offer air support.

We have intel on the ground about units in contact with Chinese Mech Infantry Platoons, ZSU-57’s, MLRS Artillery, Type 59 MBT’s, and a forward operating base. More units are likely inbound.

It’s been confirmed. The air wing in Lhasa is grounded. Expect no Chinese air intervention.

The TLA units moving up are much lighter. Infantry. Mortars. Some old Chinese T-55 knock-offs, and HN-5B MANPAD’s. They also have forward operating bases that our intel folks picked up. They have halted in contact with the Volunteers and seem content to hold where they are, until an opening arises.


The Indians have provided an interesting incentive. Beyond a mission salary we’re also receiving a performance bonus. The more we destroy, the more we get paid. Thank Jack, Our Man in Washington, for lobbying hard on this one.

Speaking of payment : $25,000,000 plus performance. Destruction of UN personnel will significantly reduce payout.

Everyone knows the “Volunteers” are Indian backed. But it gives them deniability. So India needs us, and needs us something fierce. The UN still wants to conduct humanitarian operations but for the moment has halted all shipments.

So there it is Hired Goons. So far we have plans from Bacarruda and Psawhn.

Because of our Lobbyists’s action we have received an intel map showing radar locations in Myanmar and Tibet. Also noted by the pink arrows is where the Indian Tankers will be stationed. We’ll have one at each point.

We have FIVE FOUR different plans to choose from. Please see Bacarruda’s post detailing the intel and operations details.

Compilation Post Please note that the quoted plans in that post are the old ones, it seems the forums doesn’t update a revised post to a quote.

Unless some wild and wacky plan comes up I’ll total votes in 6 hours.

Bacarruda Plan B : Around the World (This is plan Max profit too?)
Psawhn Plan B.5 : Double Duty Round the World
Psawhn Plan Charlie : Maximum CAS Money
Quinntan Plan Bread

Voting is final.

We’ll be going with Max Profits and Plan B.

The voting was pretty close between Psawhns plans and Bacaruddas. It’s awesome that we’re getting this many good plans. Please keep it up!

I’m still surprised how different the plans end up being from what I picture in my head.

Scenario Editor time.

Federal Prosecutors executed a search warrant on the Hired Goons HQ looking for financial records involving Jack’s stock trades. Fortunately for us that’s just a PO Box inside a Hoboken UPS Store. We tried to contact Jack, all I received was a cryptic text about getting out of the country.

For whatever reason he stopped in Long Island, got shitfaced drunk, picked a fight inside an Arby’s with a handicapped man, then this :

He called me from a liquor store in Maine. His contacts, three Canadians, are going to get him across the border. At that point he’s confident he can hop a cargo flight in Gander and eventually make it to Zurich. We’ll see, but he’s down and out for now and will be hiding in a trailer park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Speaking of procurement. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity . I’ve been approached by a Goon on the Ground. One of our own who I’ll leave nameless unless he wishes to be named.

After arm wrestling a Russian bear he overheard a conversation about a certain liquidation occurring in the Ukraine. Some enterprising bureaucrat sold a museum filled with aircraft to a private investor. After the investors plan to turn it into a Leninist theme park fell through, the creditors stepped in and everything is for sale.


He’s locked into a serious negotiation right now between 4 ex-colonels and a 4 liter bottle of vodka. More details to come.

Feel free to speculate, but we’ll keep the voting until after this mission.

A taste of this fine inventory…

Yes, we really do have a Goon on the Ground. How awesome is that?

Wow. Mission is complete. We have dogfights. We have violence. We have enough rockets to choke a goat. I’m going to edit it all and get it up. Shit went down like I never expected.

Below in the spoilers is the usual graphical breakdown and info all followed by a brief synopsis.

Link to quick YouTube links of all the action.

  • Flights launched for Operation Around the World

  • Refueling took place successfully over India

  • Chinese Frigate was knocked out by RB15F missiles

  • Myanmar Airforce responded with fighters

  • Goon down! Whiskey Delta 69

  • Dogfights. JF-17’s Arrive. We kill them both. Dogfights!

  • Raids start up North

  • Rockets suck

  • We take some MANPAD fire and AAA.

  • Units from the south refit and go out to strike.

  • LGB’s don’t suck.

I’m hoping to have a mission review coming later today.

Youtube QuickPoints

Hostile Ships seen

RB15’s inbound

Bomb Launch on TLA positions

J-7 Dogfight

StoolPigeon Launches the other RB15

JF-17 Dogfight

JF-17 Mauser Kill

SK60B’s Attack TLA positions

SK60B’s Attack Chinese Positions

More Hilarious Rocket Attack Runs

Paveway Strike

More Paveways

This is the current theater map. Our strikes hit the TLA forces quite hard. They were ill equipped to begin with and after we took out what little armor they had they’re even worse equipped. It doesn’t mean we can’t expect man portable weapons, but the threat of ZSU’s and the like is gone.

Fortunately this has allowed the “Volunteers” to focus exclusively on the incoming Chinese. Unfortunately they’re now able to focus more effort on our side since the TLA is less of a threat. Nyingchi Airfield is operating again and this is allowing the “Volunteers” to bring in heavier weapons. So for the moment we’ve got some stalemate action going on.

One of our birds got a snapshot of a freighter just after the RB15F struck. A few moments later she went up like a WW1 battlecruiser. Because we knocked both out we can expect reduced Chinese radar coverage and no modern SAM systems.

The frigate is icing on the cake really. The Chinese haven’t even mentioned it anywhere. Silence. India is also quiet. Everyone knows what happened but no one wants to stick his dick into this blender. Only the Myanmar Government are scrambling.

Seems the Chinese radar got a snip of our birds launching on the sea mission. So they phoned the Myanmar government and said to expect bombers. Well, that put all their SAM batteries on alarm and someone got an itchy trigger finger. That 747 they knocked down was a UAE budget airline. The UN gave them a whooping but not as bad as the Emirati UN ambassador who got into a literal fist fight with the Myanmar ambassador.

What’s it mean for us? The Myanmar Air Force is unlikely to stray into Indian Air Force but will make any effort to torch us should we get close.

Jack, Our Man in Washington, passed along a decrypt from the NSA.

Bombers. Fighters. I think we can expect trouble.

Luckily our shipment of aircraft is due to Calcutta any day. 2 BAE Hawk’s, 2 F4E’s, and 2 SU-25 Frogfoots. The drones are wrapped up in a box that some asshole ran into with a forklift. Maintenance thinks they’re fine though.

Here’s the skinny on those museum pieces. They’ve got four of each. Some are pristine beauties that rolled off the assembly line and onto a museum. Other’s are rat infested pieces of shit. We get all or nothing. There is a 50% chance that each is beautiful. If it’s not we use it for parts and the next plane has a 75% chance of working out. Near as we can tell this is what the Ukrainian air force grounded once the hostilities wound down.

SU-25 Ukrainian Model
MIG-23MLD Flogger K
MIG-29 Fulcrum C

Do we want to buy these?

I’m expecting more intel from the Indians in regard to what came in up in Lhasa. More to come.

This is good plane discussion. I’m gonna let it keep rolling.

I’m expecting some intel and a statement from General Krishna. Things are potentially going hot on a much larger scale. We might have a narrow window to get ballsy. More details to come!

General Krishna made this pretty simple to me. The J-20 is an existential threat to the Indian Air Force. Long after we’ve been paid and left the Indians still have to deal with this bastard. And that’s exactly what they plan on doing.

We upped the ante in this theater and now the Chinese brought in the big guns. Intel says that the Chinese are planning a strike on Hired Goons HQ. Specifically noted was a shipment of Type 200A Anti Runway Bombs. If we’re hit with these we’ve got a big problem.

The Indians are going to deploy their most cutting edge Air Squadron to lure out the J-20’s and try out a piece of old technology. They’ve known this threat was coming for years and have a few tricks up there sleeves.

Our job is to destroy the Lhasa Airfield. We have a narrow window to get in while the J-20’s are engaged with the Indians. Once the J-20’s have swept the airspace (if they sweep it([i[they will[/i])) then the bombers will launch.

General Krishna also said this is our last mission. Tensions in the area are getting too high. If we can knock out the Lhasa Airfield then the volunteers can move in without Chinese CSA. If we can’t then the Indians aren’t going to take it up a notch to defeat the J-20’s.

I’ll tally up the crap plane vote in a few hours.

I got a text from Jack. He’s in Zurich and already shacked up with some French ex-pat. He hopped a flight from Gander in some overloaded Russian cargo plane. For the moment he’s out of reach of the feds but his utility to us is running thin. But he has some intel, though I don’t know what he’s talking about.

General Krishna said their plan is coming together. They’re going to lure the J-20’s to Sikkim province. At that point they’re hoping some new detection technology can pinpoint them. The Indians will have an entire flight of Dassault Rafales supported by some EA-6B Prowlers. Behind that is a line of SU-30’s. For the Indians this is all or nothing. It’s looking like once they form up is our cue to get in the air. They’re hoping the Chinese will think it’s an Indian assault and vector towards them. It’ll be a border fight, neither side wants to go too far into the others space.

I hit up Jack on it, here’s his take.

If our Attack Aircraft lacks the legs to hit Lhasa from our current field the Indians are willing to let us refuel and launch from a field just outside of Bhutan. We will receive intel from the ground on a decent quantity of assets. Though I can’t guarantee we’ll get every SAM site, but hopefully most of them.

Do we buy a bunch of Ukrainian Museum Pieces and replace Saros’s Liver?

The NO’s have it. Sorry bout your liver Saros.

I’ll have more details from the Indians later on in regards to their mission. We’ll time ours to coincide with there strike operation.

More details are coming in. We’ve got access to what’s considered one of the scariest airfields in the world.

Yongphulla Airport

It was originally made by the Indian Air Force but no one has used it in a heavy capacity in quite some time. It should handle our attack planes but it’s a rickety shit hole of an airfield.

Google Maps View

Be sure to watch the video of the plane coming in. Our pilots are gonna be crapping their pants.


The goal of this mission is to disable the Lhasa Gonggar International Airport long enough for our Indian “Volunteers” to sweep into the area and take it from the ground. Complicating things is a wing of J-16’s and the J-20. We’ll likely run into the J-16’s over Lhasa. The J-20’s are another story.

The Bait

In a nutshell the Indians can’t strike Lhasa themselves. That’s an unacceptable escalation. Instead they’re going to help us do our job so they don’t have a fleet of these things on their doorstep. The Indian Air Force is launching from Bagdogra Airport and heading due North to the Tibetan border. They’ve also amassed a line of creaky Soviet ELINT listening posts.

Interestingly enough the FLIR pods on those Rafales seem to be the best way to find those stealth aircraft. They depart at 0600 and head North. China has good radar coverage and this is going to look like one hell of a raid. They’re guaranteed a response. For China this will cement their ability to control the skies anywhere the J-20 can reach. If we succeed it’ll cement India’s reputation for being clever .

Wing Commander Rohan will be leading the Rafales, this is Tiger Wing. Behind them is a wing of SU-30’s, Monkey Wing, followed by two US Surplus EA-6B Prowlers. Make no mistake, this entire flight is likely to die and not kill a single J-20.

The Hook

We have two air bases to use. One is our current base at North Lakhimpur. The other is a rickety ass air field, Yonphula Airport. It’s a mountaintop air strip with the bare necessities. Luckily the Indians have kept it in good repair.

Our attack craft can base there but we don’t have the facilities to stick everyone here. So our Gripens will remain at HQ Base.

The attack can begin immediately after the Indians engage the J-20’s. Prior to the attack we’ll have SAM position info along with any radar sites. Luckily it’s not cutting edge SAM’s, but it’ll still be tough. Our Mercs on the Ground might have a surprise for us too.

If we can get in before the Chinese have time to scramble a full flight of J-16’s then this will be much easier. But Lhasa is a tough airfield. Light on structure and heavy on concrete. We’ll have to make every shot count.

There it is Hired Goons. Let’s see your proposals, then we’ll move ahead with the mission.

Oh, the payout, $150,000,000 + Destruction Bonus.

Per request below is a link to the planning scenario.…nning.scen?dl=0

Oh, I’ll be using an overlay too so we can actually watch the munitions land where shit is.

Cool eh?

There it is folks. Shit’s getting real.

Our boys on the ground got some binocular time today. We’ve hit a damned good stroke of luck. It seems the Chinese expect us to continue our CAS of the Indian “Volunteers” near Nyingchi. What’s this mean? They sent a good deal of AAA and mobile SAM systems that way.

On the downside they’ve still got a big ole radar dish just north of the airport that covers right down to the border. Our mercs on the ground might have a surprise for it though.

That’s a JY-8A “Wall Rust” radar system. It’s not modern but the fuckers got big eyes.

Closer to the airport we’ve got some new positions. One SAM battery on the end of the runway along with a pair of nasty little SPAAG. Some 23mm Type 80 cannons finish it out.

The HQ-7 FM-80 is old, but it hits like a fat girl at a country bar.

That SPAAG, a PZG04A is a nasty little thing. Like a rabid skunk with short, but sharp, teeth.

Finally we’ve got shit like this. A Type 87, 25mm emplacement. Don’t fly too low, or too slow, or hang around long, otherwise they might get lucky. And that’d be a fucking embarrassment.

We might have shit that we haven’t seen too. MANPAD’s, anything well camouflaged, or tucked into bunkers. But for big, nasty shit, that’s it.

They saw a few cargo planes come in with heavy fighter cover. The brief look they got seems to point to munitions, and lots of them. Attack planes, JH-7’s, were both loading up and running to the East to support the Nyingchi front.

A few of the civilian hangars were re-purposed and sealed up right. I’m assuming this is where the J-20’s are coming. But no sight of them yet.

If we get more info I’ll pass it along. But for now I think we can roll with this.