The Nigerian Theater of Opeations

Our last cargo planes were barely wheels up when the coup really got rolling. We’re not sure how much is a coup, how much is persuasion, and how much is straight up governments rolling over and playing dead. After seeing democratic norms breakdown in the rest of the world, it’s no surprise Africa took it to 11.

In a surprise move the nations of Angola, Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Guineau walked out of the United Nations. Instead a single representative took her place and raised a flag right on the UN floor. ORMEC. The Organization of Rare Metal Exporting Countries. One voice sought to speak for all of Africa. Much like OPEC did for the Middle East and oil in the 20th century, ORMEC seeks to do it for Africa in the 21st.

And in a move that surprised no one, those dependent on the lithiums, cobalts, iridiums, and niobiums of the world just let it happen. Politicians denounced the move, but were committed to a “diplomatic” solution. Read that as “don’t stop our shipments.” Interestingly enough corporate assets were seized including half a Squadron of Tesla F-22’s, the Zumwalt, and a pack of Facebook Rafale’s.

While the flag is one of pan-africanism, this shit started to fall apart after about 24 hours. ORMEC claimed to speak for all of Africa. Until South Africa spoke up and gave them a giant middle finger. Then came Kenya and the neighboring states. This was followed by Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. Then came reports of Congo seizing some Angolan mining assets.

Then the phone calls started. Namibia inquired about a retainer. This was followed by an escort request from Gabon. Next came Kenya asking for airstrikes against Tanzanian mining infrastructure. Corporate took over negotiations but this is going to be big. With the UN out of the picture many of our restrictions on aircraft and weaponry has been rescinded or isn’t valid.

All of the tech companies are publicly denouncing and privately grovelling. Further vindication came when the CEO of a certain un-named tech company stated that “Unless these minerals flow our stock prices will fall to single digits.” The stock market took note and it was the worst single day of trading since 2008. 24 hours later ORMEC released a statement comitting to the shipments, but not before buying huge quantities of shares and making 20% profits in a day.

Corporate has said to get ready. This is the greatest money making opportunity since Angola.

I’m not sure what’s on the table yet. Representatives are flying in from K&P, BFLM, and Ivanov. Corporate is keeping it under wraps while they negotiate for numbers. We can assume the need for a multi-purpose airframe capable of a wide range of missions. Africa is big. But the potential for profits is even bigger.

HR is handing out a pamphlet on bonus, retention, and how to respond when other PMC’s attempt to recruit you. The job market is scorching hot right now and we’d really like to keep this team together.


I just came out of the meeting with the suppliers and investors. It seems the profit potential in this theater is substantial. As in ridiculous money. People keep throwing out words like “proxy war” and “retainer” and “permanent presence”. I’m just happy to see something that doesn’t smell like 3d printer resin or old socks.

Once we pick the flagship squadron we’ll move on to attack aircraft (potentially 3d printed), then support assets.

A conglomerate of insurance companies is backing these airframes as well. The losses are audited so as long as we aren’t dumb about it they’ll cover them.

To clarify on the BASE PACKAGE - Those are always available. If we purchase the F-15I we can always acquire Python 4’s and GBU-39’s from ISARM. Most other munitions are available except the LIMITED category or other specialty munitions. It may be available, it may not. Nor can we purchase and stockpile it like toilet paper and of course no one is going to buy back a used missile.

Make no mistake Hired Goons, this theater will be far more deadly. Our opponents will be new, and old, mercenary groups. Technically Angola isn’t fighting Zimbabwe, but Hobart’s Hornets is dogfighting Fokkers Falcons somewhere in Eastern Angola. The best part is both sides have the money to pay mercs to do the dirty work.

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll pass it along to the corporate reps.

SU-35S Flanker


F-16CM Blk 52

JAS 39D Gripen

Yvonmukluk posted:

What’s the political leanings of these ORMEC guys anyway? I mean, I’m all for fucking over corporations, but I’m also not exactly a fan of military coups. Is it just ‘more money for us, fuck you?’

Politically they have more in common with the communo-libertarian-capitalist ethos that China had in the 2000’s. There’s just enough to trickle down to keep the populace from outright revolt but a complete mobile phone based police state procured (and hosted) by the Chinese conglomerates. Think rather like Saudi Arabia or Qatar circa 2015. A ruling class and a (mostly) contented group of everyone else. These groups don’t appear to want their own populace fighting, rather like Saddam Hussein didn’t want any capable generals.

Whether we deal directly with ORMEC, or the border states, it’s going to be supporting this system. This may be a time of less good bad but of bad or worse. Much like oil made the world move in the 20th century, now it’s these rare earths.




JAS 39

In a very close round of voting we have ISARM beating out the Ivanov Brothers. 16 Vs. 13. The fine folks at ISARM are scrubbing the IAF roundel off the wings and we’ll have the aircraft shortly. This particularly stings for Ivanov as they used to be the sole source of IAF surplus. Next round should be particularly competitive.

All parties involved are headed in for negotiations. Once we have the pamphlet ready I’ll post it up for votes.

Here is a link to a .scen file with the aircraft and some sample targets in the neighborhood. A boat, 4 drone F-16’s, and some ground targets to the north of Gjader.

Scenario Link

Ivanov is really gunning for this work. We realized they are willing to up the ante in order to get future (read insurance) work. ISARM appears to be throwing a bone to the brothers and backing off. BFLM has a decent offering, as does K&P, but neither seem pleased how round 1 went for them.

The support packages will include a tanker, an AEW bird, a drone package, and an OECM package.

As usual, let me know if there’s any questions!

Su-24M2 Fencer D - 2009



AJS 37 Viggen

Ivanov it is! The brothers are quite pleased, they offered to throw in some of those cool Russian Air Force hats too. As far as those Flankers, well, they just gave a shrug and said ‘Who knows?’.

Pick one! The Ivanov, ISARM, and BFLM package will all include a bargain drone. Don’t expect an awesome drone, but it’ll fly, and have a camera, and will make buzz buzz noises. It may fly where we want it too, or it may not.

The Hired Goons Mexico Aerospace Lobby may be a small group, but they should be pleased to see a Mexican offering.

By a single vote, Mr Crustacean sealed the deal. No word on if it comes with the cute little truck for drone tending.

Finally, our last category. Point defense. BFLM has managed to snag a pre-production prototype. If this prototype has “teething issues” (as the salesman called it) we may be able to get a 2nd unit paired with it. ISARM purchased the Syrian SA-22 after the Syrians expressed displeasure at the effectiveness of the units. Not sure what happened there.

Please note the altitudes that all of our options are effective.

BFLM can’t wait to deliver us the prototype as soon as they complete the ITAR paperwork. Nothing a few Arby’s gift cards can’t expedite.

Africa is big. Really big. Angola was big and we spent months there. Without a fleet of tankers or widespread basing we’re going to be a regional power.

Corporate wants us to ease into this. They’re a bit afraid we’ll scratch the paint on these new planes. So we’ve got three options.

Nigeria is an ORMEC member nation and also one of the least stable. The coup was messy, they give us a front of unity but three cliques of generals are running the show. None of them like the others. (Label #3). Cameroon is attempting a “hostile corporate buyout” of border assets. The physical border remains the same, it’s just Cameroon owns the mines. (Label #2). Finally is the northern border, Niger. Which is another way to spell crushing poverty. In the grand scheme of things they have a country and virtually no resources so they are angling to seize the Manganese and Chromite sites. (Label #1)

Botswana is a proxy war. South Africa (#3), a notable holdout of ORMEC is claiming Botswana as part of their sphere of influence. Angola and Zimbabwe (#1, #2), one an ORMEC members, the other trying to be, are totally respecting the South African claim publicly but privately are attempting to seize assets. Even more Angola is trying to seize assets before Zimbabwe can get them leading the “future ORMEC partners” to hire mercs to do all the dirty work for them. This is potentially the most profitable job as it plays off multiple very rich clients and keeps us firmly in the middle of the game.

The Channel of Mozambique is a major thoroughfare of minerals to the east. India. China. Japan. Korea. Every single bit of refined rare earths that comes from the western members passes through that channel. France (#1)has been a rare democratic holdout throughout all of the craziness these past years and is attempting to maintain neutrality of the channel through a UN charter. Madagascar (#3) has claimed the Comores Islands as a Madagascarian Territory and is preparing to send a peacekeeping force to keep the smelly baguette eaters out. Finally is Mozambique (#2), they want to foster a fresh atmosphere of pirating and extortion rather like Somalia 20 years prior. Except they are doing it “legally” and divying out salvage rights before the ships are sunk. Of particular interest in this theater is a lost HG asset, or so we once thought…

The HMS Liquid Asset is still alive. If this asset comes into play it is 100% totally deniable and unsupported. We’ll just give it some “direction”.

First pick where , then we’ll see some missions and decide for who.

Pack up your bags Hired Goons, we’re headed to Nigeria! Erm, somewhere near Nigeria.

First up is the Nigerian Government faction. Actually three distinct power factions squabbling within the country itself. We have three members of the “Nigerian Triumvirate”. Major General Viktor Azazi (#1), Major General Salihu Yusuf (#2), and Lt Gen Gibson Agwai (#3). MG Azazi is the most content for the Triumvirate to remain as is, of course he has Lagos. Yusuf is the middleman and is playing things cautiously and will actively try to pit the other two against each other to not sandwich him. Finally we have LTGen Agwai who is squeezed by his partners and a budding hostile neighbor in Niger. And, of course, The Major Generals are perfectly happy to let the aggressive Agwai deal with the trouble in the North.

On one hand we are presented with a very poor nation. But make no mistake, Niger has taken out some sizable loans from god knows who to bring in outside mercenaries. They also have nothing anyone else wants and the Nigerian government is content to let the poorer nation break upon a troublesome general. The Niger government is socialist on paper but in reality is just too poor to be much of anything. Once they have the mineral wealth it’s unlikely they’ll be anything else other than in debt to some very large financiers. There is no ideology here, just a guiding desire to obtain sovereign wealth. We would base at 1, 2, or 3, with the potential for FOB for drone assets or rotary wing down the road.

Cameroon is rather unique in the whole ORMEC mix. Corporatist but with an eye on stability. They are also blessed with a prodigious quantity of minerals. But, like any corporation, they need more. They’ve recently begun on a massive infrastructure upgrade project throughout the country with an eye on not following in the footsteps of the Oil States in the 20th century. But not all is roses, Nigeria is not a sleeping lion and regularly retaliates in lightning strikes across the border sabotaging mining operations and reducing profits. The closer to the sea the shorter the flight but greater the danger. #1, and #2 are modern airfields but it’s barely 100 miles to the Nigerian border.

One big thing to remember here, we’re fighting other mercenaries regardless of who we fly for. This is, by intention, a merc vs merc fight. Truly a post sovereign nation way unlike anything ever seen. Our opponents could be Ex-Chinese Nationalists piloting leftover Luftwaffe jets or Honduran Airline Pilots sporting Super Tukes. We’ll see mercs on the ground, the air, and at sea. The employers won’t always be evident either.

So, what say you Hired Goons? Who pays our bills this time?

Initial operations will occur out of the Diori Hamani International Airport. It has three things we really need; two runways, paved runways, and a bar. OPS will be coordinated from the Lucky Smoky Lounge until we can procure a better(?) setting. We received a warm welcome, lots of smiles, some government types patting each other on the backs and the usual suspects wanting to sell us gasoline, food, goats, and alcohol. For the moment we’re settling in, setting up patrols, and easing into the deployment. Our flight came in from the north so we’ve kind of snuck into the ORMEC theater.

We’ve got the element of surprise. For now. It won’t last.

Luckily we’re in a mercenary rich environment. I’m expecting some contacts from ground mercs to be incoming shortly.

I’m sure all of the top level operators are hanging out in Niamey.

HR has found some difficulty reaching quality ground teams in Niger. It seems all of the money is being made with the big players. We’ve got one ground from Serbia with a HIND, some rando hackers based out of VPN land, and a local Nollywood actor with some dubious talents. But you make lemonade with the lemons you have, not the alcohol you want!

Originally found as a Two Men and a Truck franchise is Serbia however business was slow so they traded the truck for a HIND and brought along a mix of Balkan ground troops. Useful for things like beating people up, marking targets, and drinking like only Serbians can.

Hackers Inc is a legit organization that seems to float between individuals. They can’t do shit to mark a target but they can do comms disruption and hack into things like inventory records or flight plans.

This guy was hanging out in Luckys Lounge and seems legit. The biggest plus is he’s a local. But until we hire him you people quit buying him drinks.

Pick 1!

Squadron Ops is getting mission requirements now, after we choose our ground crew we’ll pick which mission to tackle first.

Zebba is now under our employ. I’ll leave it to you guys to divvy up his bar tab. He is actually a bit more interesting than we originally thought. Not only is he an African polyglot (English, French, Arabic, Songhai, Tamasheq, and a touch of Portugese) but also runs an import-export business through the Sahara. Or at least he once did, the immense influx of resources lately have rendered his business null and void. anyone?

Mission profiles will be in shortly.

Voting was close, 12 votes for Zebba, 9 for Hackers Inc, and 6 for 2 Men and a HIND.

Squadron Ops has been working with the client. These are three priorities.

Each offers specific benefits. Sokoto removes a contender close to the capital. Kano Krunch saps the profits of the nearest warlord and degrades the defensive network. Finally Goudomaria is a defense op to prevent incursions while potentially knocking out some assets. We can base out of Niamey for the best airfield, but any strip you can find on the map in Niger is open to us.

Pick One!

The others will be available later.

Kano Crunch it is! Mission planners, now is your time to shine.

This is a link to the planning map -…Y7x&usp=sharing

As far as our friend Zebba, you can use him as a scout asset or during the mission. In the mission he’ll be a spotter with a laser designator. Hell be able to be at one location and can’t drive from one point to the other. With the terrain modelling in CMO Zebba can offer a huge advantage. Don’t underestimate how difficult small things can be to see in heavy cover.

To prevent scenario creep we’ll keep the scale limited to what we have here. Yes, the Slammers are active to the west, but it adds a lot of complexity to plan for something we might not need, especially if we add other factions just yet.

Feel free to ask questions too.

Today is the threads 3rd birthday.

Were we able to procure any number of AIM-120C-7 for this mission?

e: Do we know if those BUKs are SA-11 or SA-17?

Forgot about the missiles! You have a maximum of 33 - AIM-120C. Break up those missiles as you see fit.

The BUK’s are, for the moment, SA-11. If they determine they are inadequate we could see this changed to a more capable SA-17.

To head off the escalation chat about an S-300, think of something like that as a bossfight, end of campaign. They become the overarching baddie and prime mission focus. Maybe down the road, but for now it’ll be more manageable stuff.

TheDemon posted:

I’d like to know.

Well, it could’ve been worse. You’ve got 7 KH-31’s to work with.

Zebba is making his way across the border to get us some intel. He’s running a bulk load of Renault brake pads and returning with a load of un-refined cobalt. Should be safe enough, hopefully he’ll come back with something of use.

Flash update! I just received a video message from Zebba! and he’s in a rough spot. Looks like he found a potential weak point in the Nigerian IADS.

I’ll get it uploaded ASAP!